I am twenty-one years old. College Graduate with my AA Degree! Working on becoming a Medical Biller/Coder. I am engaged to an amazing guy. He is the person I will spend the rest of my life with. :) We are hoping to get married September 10th, 2011. :)

I love taking photos of any and every thing. :) I post pictures sporadically. All pictures posted are taken by me (unless otherwise stated). Leave me questions or comments and I will reply. I love getting questions. I do promo for promo only if you ask nicely. I almost always follow back.

Enjoy my blog and check out my photography! <3

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Hey. I’m married now! :D

I haven’t been on here in foreverrrrrrr. 

I married the love of my life on September 10th, 2011. :)

Congratulations to us! <3

So…I got into an argument with someone and her friends

on Facebook. It was about politics and stuff and I guess she wasn’t happy that she was being proven wrong and she said this about my fiance and I: “OK, here’s my something to say. YOU’RE A PIECE OF SHIT. Both of you. But even Kristina, who has sat here defending you talking to people the way you have, deserves better than you. You both are the two most judgmental people I have ever met who are going NOWHERE IN LIFE. HOW long have you both been out of high school and where are you living and working???? So don’t fucking talk to MY friends like that WHO YOU DON’T KNOW! and I didn’t say anything because every time I went to, my friends were there backing me up. Yeah, and where were you in the conversation Alex?? huh? I’ve brought it to the hurtful level because that’s all that’s been dished out on facebook towards me by alex.”

In a fit of rage I deleted and blocked her after she said what she did but if I had to reply this is what I would have said: I’m a piece of shit? That’s lovely. I don’t treat my parents like the ground I walk on, like you do. I respect my parents and I respect what they have to say. And I also don’t hit my parents or my siblings like you do. I didn’t sit here and defend him. I was agreeing with what he was saying because we both have the same opinion on the subject. I would have done the same thing if it were a random stranger or even one of your friends. If I am judgmental, which I am not, what the hell are you? I’m going nowhere in life? REALLY? I have been out of High School for four years. I graduated High School as an honor graduate with a 3.8 GPA and I walked across the stage with four cords around my neck. I received a Bright Futures Scholarship. I graduated from College last year and I have an Associate in Arts Degree in General Studies. I am working towards becoming a Medical Biller and Coder. I currently have a job at a grocery store running my own department making over nine dollars an hour and getting forty hours a week while working on saving money to do online coursework to get my Medical Billing and Coding Certificate. I am living with my parents to save money and to help my parents out. I help take care of my two younger siblings and my 67 year old grandmother who has just about every old person disease under the sun. Alex is graduated from High School and College. He has his Associate of Science Degree in Networking Services Technology. He also graduated with three certificates which are Cisco College Credit Certificate, CCNA College Credit Certificate, and Information Technology Technician College Credit Certificate. He is CompTIA A+ Certified and is working towards getting all of the following certificates: Network+, Server+, Security+, and Sharepoint. He is currently working Bright House Networks as a Product Specialist Technician making over twelve dollars an hour and getting over 40 hours a week. He also lives with his parents but it is helping us save money. I, personally, never talked badly about, or to, your friends, besides calling them childish. They do need a bit of a better education though seeing as they have hardly any education in debate, history, or politics. Oh and as for your “where was Alex in this conversation”, well he was at work. Hmm, imagine that someone has a JOB!!! Oh man. Also, how is what Alex says turn into “I’m going to bash and hurt Kristina too.”? I have worked extremely hard to get where I am right now in life. I never had a childhood because I was forced to grow up entirely too fast. My life has been to hell and back several times. I come from a family who barely makes it from paycheck to paycheck. I had to work extremely hard to get through college, not because I’m not smart (because I am!), but because I didn’t have the money to get through college. At one point I was working 40 hours a week and going to college full time just so I could make it by. Oh and speaking of where are we in life, where the hell are you? Last I heard, your boyfriend quit school to focus on baseball and he works at Carrabba’s. And as for you I heard you lost your scholarship and you are doing student loans and you don’t have a job. Yeah you might be living on your own and all but what the hell are you doing with YOUR life?

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